lost in place

thoughts from nowhere in particular

Author: Michael Aaron

  • You Had To Be There

    You Had To Be There

    We operate at the intersection of two worlds, with one made up of those things that have happened, and the other made of those that have yet to. A collection of experiences have hardwired the self that we claim as our individuality. We often think of our memories as a perfect record of our lives,…

  • The House

    The House

    He sat in the car, the heat gone, leaving behind a cold silence. He watched the house. Just a building, he thought, not a home anymore. The porch light struggled against the darkness, failing to brighten the path to the front door that seemed to wait for him. It was just an old house, empty…

  • A Generalist’s Lament

    A Generalist’s Lament

    This year is meant to be different for me. This is the year I focus on learning, betterment, and creativity. This is the year I stop simply liking posts but begin to interact with those that I admire. This is the year I take my personal life and treat it with a little more professionalism-…

  • My Accomplishments Box

    My Accomplishments Box

    With 2024 around the corner, my metaphorical “Box of Accomplishments,” sitting here next to me on my very real desk, needs a thorough cleaning. Not because it’s full of the things I’ve proudly completed over the past year. It’s not even full of half accomplishments- bits of fanciful projects started with exuberance and abruptly forgotten….

  • Disconnected Nostalgia: The Lost Art of Being Out of Touch in Film and TV

    Disconnected Nostalgia: The Lost Art of Being Out of Touch in Film and TV

    I was born in 1970.I cherish those ‘end-of-the-analog’ years of my life before the microchip revolution took hold in full force. I usually find myself thinking about ‘back then’ with amusement- typically related to the way we managed things then compared to now (“remember how we used to have to…”). And as an avid fan…